What is “eduse”?

“eduse” is a word coined through merging “education” with “amuse.”
A journey which can make it possible to learn something essential to life: “education”
A journey which can make it possible to grasp something in order to enjoy life thoroughly: “amuse”
As a result, a journey which can draw out hidden strength: “eduse” – drawing out latent ability
In order to enliven Japan and enrich people through travel, we offer custom-made plans under the project name “eduse.”

About Us

There is a regret many working Japanese have after retiring or reaching retirement age.
Many people think, “I should have travelled more.” Let’s stop living in regret and set off on a journey to an unknown world.
In order to make life more complete.

eduse Project Planner
Kenjiro Ino

After graduating from the Faculty of Business Administration of Toyo University in 1999, he joined a major travel agency.
As a sales representative in charge of educational travel, he handled many field trips and study tours.
Above all, his greatest skill was the solution business, digging up the latent needs of the client and resolving them in the form of travel, introducing homestays and agricultural experiences, which were relatively unknown in those days, a step ahead of others.
Not only did he see off customers, he also got together with the managing body, which still lacked know-how in those days,
taking part in development and administration.
He handled a great amount of new planned content which had not existed up to that point, including overseas travel as well.
As a top sales representative for educational travel, he was the youngest in the company at that time entrusted with team management and he received in-house recognition three times. After 14 years of service, he began work at a mid-sized OTA (online travel agency).
He is a travel specialist, always holding his antenna high looking to create new forms of travel.
Qualification: General Travel Operations Manager


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